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I see it over and over again in online sewing groups. Someone posts a project and someone else comments, "I wish I could do that, but I don't know how to use my machine." Or "I could never get my stitching to look like that."

I'm so glad you're here, because that is exactly how I felt when I got started sewing. I'm in the plus size category and couldn't find clothing that fit my shape correctly.  I wanted to sew my own clothes, but I couldn't execute the things I tried because I didn't have enough stitching experience to pull it off

I wanted to take a class, but I knew that I wanted more skill than just taking a class or two, so I got a job in the sewing field so I could learn on the job and gain the skill within my day to day life, instead of on the side.

I realize this isn't the path for everyone and I'd like to share my knowledge to empower you to get beyond the obstacle that may be holding you back from doing the projects you desire to do.

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Knowing/Troubleshooting your machine

Let's label all the parts of your machine. I'll show you several machines, so you might find something similar to your own.  Then, we'll oil a few key places to keep the machine in good working order. Finally, we will thread a few machines. 

How do I sew straight?!

Sew along with me as we hit the basics and show you some tricks! We'll stitch paper templates, and practice stitching straight lines, pivoting at corners, stitching around curves and learning to align with guides for consistent stitching. 

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